Client Testimonials

There’s no better way to assess the quality and integrity of a company by learning about it directly from its clients. Here are just a few client testimonials about Economy Linen Hospital Services.

“They took care of our needs and our patients’ needs whenever we needed them to do that. So, I can say that my relationship with Economy was very strong, and I can only say good things about Economy. They were a great company to do business with.”

– Director of Performance Management at a Northeast Ohio Hospital

“They’ve done a very nice job. We’ve been trying to drive down linen costs for well over a year now, very aggressively, and (Economy Linen has) come forward with a number of initiatives to help us contain our costs. Right now we’re using the least linen we’ve ever recorded.”

– Manager of Materials Management at a Central Ohio Medical Center

“If I could give them a grade it would be an ‘A.’ They really are very fast to fix any problems. They met with us regularly. They set up the program. They worked with us in getting the lockers put in and where we could find room for them. They installed everything. They labeled everything. They helped us design our own program. They gave us recommendations. They did all the paperwork, and it’s not like we don’t hear from them again unless we have a problem. They keep checking up…The service has been great.”

– Clinical Director at the Maternity Center at a Northeast Ohio Hospital

“We were trying to manage customer satisfaction, but when it came to our laundry, it was managing us. We were chasing it. Nursing would call and say ‘We don’t have enough linen. We don’t have enough scrubs. We don’t have enough this.’ It would be increased the next day. And four days later the same calls were being made. The systems weren’t in place to manage it. We had systems, but having systems and utilizing them are two different things. We were doing a poor job in the laundry business. It’s just that simple. We were looking for a vendor that wanted the same thing that we wanted. It’s not always about the dollar. At our Medical Center, we don’t always go with the low bid. We go with who we think the right person is for our medical center, for our customer, for our community. We’re for doing the right thing.”

– VP Facilities at a Kentucky Medical Center