Environmental Services Role in Antimicrobial Resistance

The fight against superbugs and resistance isn’t reserved for clinicians and the pharmaceutical industry alone; environmental services play a key role in the fight as well. With reimbursements directly tied to HAI (Hospital Acquired Infections) rates, environmental services’ role is becoming increasingly important. The latest edition of Explore Magazine, discusses how choosing the proper disinfectant for the proper area, as well as clear procedures and training, play a critical role in this battle.

One point we would like to call out in the article addresses using disposable cloths rather than reusable cleaning cloths due to concerns that C.diff. spores might not be removed during laundering. This is why it is so important to use an HLAC accredited laundry like Economy Linen; our processes not only remove visible contaminants, but those that can’t be seen. Our linen is also Certified Hygienically Clean by the Textile Rental Services Association; so you can rest assured that when our linen touches your patients, it is visibly clean and hygienically clean!

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