Extended Care Facilities

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Curious about what you’re losing in your laundry? Welcome to an easier (and better) way. Watch our video and learn more about linen services specifically designed for Extended Care Facilities.

Picture it: a simplified day-to-day process—one in which our proprietary software tracks, inventories, and manages your healthcare linen. This helps you keep control of costs while helping us identify areas for improvement. Also, trusting this important task to Economy Linen frees up your staff to focus on other improvements in patient care and facility management.

See how this superior process can deliver to you:

  • An exceptional level of clean*
  • Increased productivity
  • Peace of mind and confidence

Get your linen delivered on time while minimizing waste in a partnership that provides true value. Best of all, you gain the confidence in knowing that your patients will be more comfortable and much better protected


*Economy Linen is accredited by HLAC (Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council).