Economy Linen was established in 1931 by Harry Feldman in Dayton, Ohio. From the early 1950s to 1988, DeNeal Feldman led the growth of Economy Linen to become a well-respected provider of medical and hospitality linen. Since 1988, third generation co-owner Bruce Feldman has continued the tradition of service excellence and growth, as Economy Linen has become a regional market leader.

Economy-Linen-HistoryIn 1983, Economy Linen expanded to Zanesville, Ohio. By 1990, this operation was focused on providing hospital linen services strictly to large medical facilities. Hospital Services provides linen management programs exclusively to hospitals and healthcare providers, helping them reduce costs by tracking, managing and ultimately reducing overall textile expenditures.

Economy Linen Hospital Services was one of the first HLAC-accredited hospital laundry facilities, accredited in 2007 and re-accredited in 2010 and 2013. Additionally, Economy Linen received Clean Green Certification in 2013 and Hygienically Clean Certification in 2014.

We are a family owned and professionally managed firm, and pride ourselves on delivering the highest value linen rental and laundry programs to our clients. Today, we employ 150 staff members and process over 20 million pounds of quality linen annually.

Our goal is to develop linen management programs that help our clients deliver enhanced operational efficiency to their patients, stakeholders, and partners. Contact us to learn more.