Medical Uniforms

Economy-Linen-apparel-groupEconomy Linen provides rentals and laundering services for medical uniforms, medical scrubs, lab coats, mammography capes and hospital gowns for healthcare facilities throughout the region. While we encourage our clients to choose standard colors and sizes for their apparel, which helps reduce costs, we are happy to offer a variety of non-standard colors and sizes to suit our clients’ needs.

Economy-Linen-scrubsMedical Scrubs

Medical scrub styles are available in many colors and sizes and can be printed with the hospital logo or other unique design. See our Scrub Locker Exchange program for more information about ways we can track and customize scrubs for your staff.

Lab Coats

Lab coats are used by many different clinical staff members. We offer an array of lab coats with the option of monogramming a logo and name as well.

Patient Wear

With everything we do, your patient’s comfort is at the core of our concerns. Throughout their stay at your facility, patients will rely on many types of exam gowns. We provide options based on coverage, color, and cost, ensuring you can find the type of exam gowns best suited for your facility’s needs. And you’ll have the comfort of knowing that you didn’t have to compromise on quality to achieve cost savings.

Mammography Capes

Our mammography capes come with convenient snap closures at the neck, and offer both modesty and practicality for your patients.