Hospital Linen

Economy-Linen-linen-groupWe offer a variety of essential hospital linen products for rent from the finest linen manufacturers in the world. Our linens are chosen for their effectiveness and comfort. Our laundry processing exceeds the rigorous standards set by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council. From towels to sheets to pillowcases, you are assured of receiving the highest quality products to meet your patients’ needs.


Economy-Linen-Pillow-Cases-SheetsSheets and Pillowcases

When a bed has been outfitted with hospital sheets and pillowcases from Economy Linen Hospital Services, it is fresh, clean and healthy. Patients will rest comfortably knowing that they’re safe and secure and that every effort has been made to create a healthy healing environment. By using Economy Linen, you’ll never have to sacrifice the quality of your products for cost savings.



In our homes, there is something special about a blanket that is pulled fresh from the laundry.  The scent. The softness. The comfort.  So, why should medical blankets be any different? At Economy Linen, we always put extra effort into our quality control for medical linens to assure that you are offering the same kind of comfort in your hospital bed that you would offer in the comfort of your own home.


Economy-Linen-TowelsTowels and Washcloths

At the core of every positive healthcare experience is a clean, healthy healing environment. And nothing reinforces this nurturing environment and gives your guests piece of mind like soft, clean towels and washcloths. We understand the sheer quantity of towels and washcloths that you use on a daily basis, and we make sure that your patients will never have to wait for a fresh supply delivered to their rooms.


Economy-Linen-Pediatric-LinensPediatric Linens

There is nothing more precious than a newborn infant, and we understand the importance of providing your smallest and most fragile patients the cleanest and most hygienic sheets, blankets, and pediatric linens available today. From the moment they enter your care to the wheelchair ride out of your hospital, your pediatric patients will be wrapped in a cloak of comfort.


Economy-Linen-Incontinence-PadsIncontinence Pads

Incontinence pads serve several important functions in a hospital setting. Besides patient comfort and linen protection, new technology protects your patient’s skin and enables better patient outcomes. We offer two levels of incontinence pads to meet your patient’s specific needs:

Our standard pad is suitable for protecting linen for patients that are not “at risk” for pressure ulcers or other skin care issues.

Economy-Linen-Incontinence-Pads_aOur performance pad is the choice for patients that are “at risk” for pressure ulcers. It is suitable for use with low air loss mattresses. Features include:

  • Bonded construction helps pad lay flatter for less layers under the patient
  • Breathability helps keep patients cooler and dryer and also allows heat to pass through and move away from the patient
  • Minimizes moisture buildup allowing patient to keep dry and more comfortable
  • 100% Polyester face fabric resists staining
  • Available in standard and bariatric sizes