HospitalThere’s a reason so many hospitals today are outsourcing their linen management needs. With ongoing changes in healthcare regulations, hospitals continue to look for programs which provide for greater patient satisfaction while reducing labor and utility costs; capital investments in equipment; and more profitable use of space.

We recognize that patient comfort is a key priority of your hospital. With Economy Linen’s attention to superior quality and service, you can be assured that our linen service will meet and exceed your patients’ expectations. We will make your patients comfortable and we’d like to think that makes you feel more comfortable as well.

We make continued investments in our facilities, infrastructure and systems to ensure that we run as resourcefully as possible – and we pass that cost savings on to our clients. Relying on Economy Linen Hospital Services for your linen management and laundering needs allows you to eliminate the overhead associated with operating on-site laundry services and can enable your facility to allocate those resources back into revenue-generating services.

We have worked with hospitals throughout the region to find ways to increase efficiencies in hospital linen management and laundering for an overall reduction of these costs. When we audit your facility, we will determine your existing linen costs and calculate your current cost per pound. Often times, we will even purchase your current supply of linen, so you will receive an immediate return your first year. We’ll even guarantee your spend per adjusted patient day to make it a no-risk proposition for your facility.

Using our proprietary software, we will track, inventory and manage your linen usage. We can measure what each of your cost centers uses, and identify areas for improvement. Additionally, we also offer full linen distribution services within your facility.

Our programs provide quality linen, delivered on time, while helping you minimize waste. This equals true value.

Economy Linen is accredited by HLAC (Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council).