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Hygienically clean certification matters

Economy Linen proudly displays the TRSA Hygienically Clean Healthcare Certified logo. In light of recent cases of linen related infections at hospitals across the nation, we understand how critical it is to ensure that our linen not only has a clean appearance, but is free of any microbes that could lead to nosocomial disease transmission. Please click here to read Nothing Left Behind: Quantifying Hygienically Clean Removes All Doubt, a whitepaper published by The Textile Rental Services Association.

If your linen provider doesn’t carry TRSA’s Hygienically Clean Healthcare certification, please contact us today for a free, no obligation audit of your laundry process. Contact us.

Can your hospital survive as an independent?

Economy Linen is proud of the close relationship we have with our customers and many have shared a common concern with us recently. With the changes the Affordable Care Act has brought about, there is a growing concern with many of the hospitals we serve that they will not be able to continue to thrive as an independent organization. We recently came across an informative article in Becker’s Healthcare Review that poses nine questions to discuss with your board. The questions cover everything from hospital leadership, to information technology, to strategic planning. If your hospital shares this concern, we would urge you to read the article in its entirety by clicking here.