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Every year the Zanesville Muskingum Chamber of Commerce organizes this festival as both a community celebration and an essential fundraiser for the chamber.  The event is a much anticipated annual gathering that contributes to the civic life of the community.  Further, the chamber is a non profit organization that promotes economic growth and business development throughout the county. This year Economy Linen has donated a beautiful centerpiece that includes some local favorites: a$100 gift certificate to Rittberger Meats, $100 gift certificate to Adornettos, a Bloomers Candy Basket, a Conn’s Potato Chip Commemorative Tin, Tom’s Ice Cream Nuts and Gift Certificate, six Christmas placemats, a platter from Hartstone Pottery, and a Mary Ann Bucci Print of Nortside Beach.


Click buy topamax in canada for more information on the Festival of Trees!


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