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Seven Ways Hospitals Can Trim Costs

We found an interesting article recently at which we thought our clients would appreciate.  While it doesn’t specifically mention linen service, we do appreciate the thought that was given to evaluating and tracking your current system to identify strengths and weaknesses. Of course, that’s exactly how we’ve been doing business from the start.  Gain some helpful insight by reading this article, and when you’re ready to talk about improving the efficiency of your laundry operations, contact us for a free audit and let’s talk!

Read the article here.


Economy Linen Receives Clean Green Certification

Economy Linen is proud of the affiliations we have with professional trade organizations. Among other advantages, it gives us validation that we’re doing the right things for our clients and our communities.

Recently, we were honored to receive our “Clean Green” certification from the Textile Rental Service Association of America (TRSA). Clean Green certified textile services operations meet quality standards for effectiveness in conserving resources, controlling sewer discharges and otherwise minimizing environmental impact. It means that Economy linen uses uniforms, linens, floor mats and other reusable textiles and that these were washed, dried and finished with techniques selected to maximize sustainability.

Industrial-scale laundries are most likely to meet Clean Green standards because they deploy high-capacity washing, drying and wrinkle-removal equipment, so their processes are far more efficient than those of home washing machines or smaller commercial laundries. To obtain the certification, laundries must document their efficiencies in water and energy use and deploy best management practices (BMPs) such as:

•    Recovering heat from drained hot water & heat dispersed from the process of warming water
•    Recapturing drained water from rinses for reuse
•    Using environmentally friendly detergents
•    Removing solids and liquids from wastewater
•    Solar energy and energy-efficient lighting
•    Recycling programs
•    Re-routing trucks to save vehicle fuel
•    Spill prevention plans
•    Preventive maintenance

We thank TRSA for this honor and promise to do all we can to maintain our “Clean Green” respect within the industry.