Scrub Locker Exchange

Scrub Locker Exchange: Economy Linen Hospital ServicesKeeping track of your staff’s scrubs – as well as costs related to their use – can be challenging. With our Scrub Locker Exchange program, each scrub is personalized with the staff member’s name, hospital, department, and bar code (or RFID). The bar code (or RFID) provides a means for tracking the scrub’s status.

Individual staff lockers are then provided with clean scrubs, and soiled scrubs are stored in locked soiled bins. This system gives management the ability to report on scrub usage and related costs. Our Scrub Locker Exchange program has been a key tool in our clients’ efforts to monitor and control expenses related to scrub management and laundering.

Along with gaining control of your scrub uniform costs, you will have happy staff members. They will LOVE having their own dedicated inventory of scrub sets always delivered to their own personalized locker.

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