Why Outsource?

“We were trying to manage customer satisfaction, but when it came to our laundry, it was managing us. We were chasing it. Nursing would call and say ‘We don’t have enough linen. We don’t have enough scrubs. We don’t have enough this. It would be increased the next day. And four days later the same calls were being made. The systems weren’t in place to manage it. We had systems, but having systems and utilizing them are two different things. We were doing a poor job in the laundry business. It’s just that simple. We were looking for a vendor that wanted the same thing that we wanted.”

– Howard Harrison, VP Facilities at King’s Daughters Medical Center, Ashland Kentucky

Howard Harrison understood that outsourcing laundry operations was a decision that needed to be made with great deliberation. And, when it came time for him to make his decision, he chose us. Read more about our relationship here.

Of course, we are glad to work with you as well, providing a free audit of your current operations.  Why use Economy Linen?

Economy-Linen-ExpertsFirst, we understand that space in healthcare facilities is at a premium. Turning an “expense” space of your building into a “revenue” space can greatly affect your bottom line.

Healthcare facilities can also experience an immediate cash infusion from selling your current laundry equipment on the open market and even selling linens to us and leasing them back.

Economy Linen Hospital Services will reduce your overall laundry costs, and offer a variable price structure that accounts for the different flow of medical linens during different times of the year.

Environmental and regulatory mandates continue to stretch healthcare facility budgets as you’ll need to continually modernize your laundry operations. Economy Linen is a green leader in our industry and it is our job to stay on top and ahead of industry standards.

Finally, Economy Linen offers the benefit of added savings by continually monitoring and auditing your operation for maximum efficiency.

Let’s talk about how we can help your facility. Contact us here.